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What is a Page View?

A page view is also referred to as a web site impression and is also a request from a web end user to load a certain web web site (or HTML file) on the web. Each time that your visitor reaches a page or visits reload right after reaching a page, it is counted being an additional web site view. An exclusive page check out aggregate web site views which have been generated with the same user in the same program.

Website managers can keep an eye on page check out information employing an website analytics method, like Yahoo and google Analytics. This data is helpful when changing web page content to determine the success in the new written content. It may show whether a difference in the actual page led to essentially visits to that page.

Page check out information may also help affiliate marketers measure the actual success of website marketing campaigns which have been sending people to a distinct page. If the volume of page views doesn’t change much, there can be a flaw from the campaign plus it must be fixed to get more people to click over to that particular page associated with content.

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