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4 tips to improve your branding efforts

Often too busy with business, we quickly forget how important it is to take care of our brand image for our productivity and competitiveness. We will therefore guide you and give you some methods: because clothing makes the monk in business… imagine going to the bank for a loan, and discover that your banker is wearing a jean…? It is Possible… But will you sign the application as quickly as you would- if he was wearing a tailor-made suit? It is the same for the global image of your company. Here is our list of 4 tips.

1. Develop a strong visual identity.

The first (important) thing to do when it comes to creating a corporate identity is to hire professionals who specialize in the creation of brand images. By visual identity, we mean your logo, your slogan, your graphic charter, and any other visual asset necessary to present your firm’s brand.

Your logo is the #1 point of contact with your customers. Therefore, It must convey your vision and your corporate identity and then be recognizable at first glance.

The slogan is useful to summarize your field of expertize or your philosophy. It makes it easier for your audience and clients to remember what you do. If your company name is already very evocative, the slogan is not a necessity. But if your business name doesn’t sufficiently inform your clientele, the slogan or a generic will make it clearer. A short sentence that brings together the keywords that describe your organization.

As for the graphic charter (also known as brand guidelines), it allows you to keep the same guideline in your visuals and communications through the choice of colors, typography, and different logo adaptations. It guarantees the same visual identity that can be more easily adapted to your various communication media.

2. Choosing the right communication tools

Any company or organization communicates. Whether they are in the form of brochures, business cards, posters, social networks, or a website, they must be well thought out and structured to evoke who you are and what you do. Poorly crafted tools convey the idea that your business does not take the time to present itself well. In order to avoid this negative perception, it is essential to give importance to the development of good communication tools.

3. Improve your visibility.

For your company to have a great brand image, it must be visible and known by the public. Several strategies are effective for making yourself known and depend on your objectives. E.g., advertisements in the form of posters or banners on the internet are ways that pay off. In addition to advertising, a billboard, an event, a press conference, a Web site, content creation, and even writing a personalized e-mail are all proven means of visibility. Again, it’s how you present them that will help build a strong and distinctive brand image.

4. Create an emotional bond

According to psychologists, 90% of communication is non-verbal. If you manage to combine a good reputation with judiciously implemented emotions, your brand image will be a guarantee of success. And better yet, they will remain in the memory of your clients.

How do you go about it? Colors are one of the ways to generate emotion. Some colors can make you hungry, happy, or sad. Orange, Red, and yellow are warm colors that evoke happiness, optimism, and dynamism. Red can also increase your hunger. That’s why many fast-food chains use red to represent hunger and the urgency to eat. On the contrary, some restaurants will prefer black.

On the cooler and soft side of the color, spectrum are green, purple, and blue. They create a feeling of calmness and peace. They symbolize beauty, health, and safety. Many additional shades of color exist, and each one has its properties. A graphic designer can help you choose shades that evoke your values and correspond to the action desired by your target clientele.

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