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Turning Your Virtual Real Estate Into a Lead-Generation Property

For many businesses, today’s market is on the Internet. So, savvy entrepreneurs create a website (a piece of virtual real estate) and hang their shingle out for business. However, so do tons of other entrepreneurs with products and services that appear to be just the same, and just as good as yours. This situation creates intense inter-business competition for customers.

The question becomes, “How do I drive online customers to my website and not those of my competition?”

Option 1: Third (3rd) Party Lead Generation
In this very popular option, your company pays Company B to conduct a customer lead generation campaign on your behalf. Let’s look at an example to see how this works: Your company sells all sorts of bags and suitcases. Company B is a sports center. Company B will put an ad or banner advertising your products on their website.

It sounds good. Company B does the work, and you reap the benefits. However, there is one very serious drawback with third (3rd) party lead generation.

It is Company B’s website that the customers will remember first. It is Company B’s branding that will stick uppermost in the customers’ minds. Thus, it is Company B’s virtual real estate which is getting upgraded and enriched.

Option 2: You Generate Your Own Leads
In this, the preferred option, you create a lead generation campaign of your own. There are various ways to do this. A reputable company such as ours will work with you to find the method that best suits your company’s needs.

Here’s why generating your own leads is the better way to go:

• It is YOUR branding (your links, your website, your email, your company) which the customers will remember
• You retain control of the leads generated – you know that they are not also being given to your competitors
• The leads generated are fresh, relevant, and unique
• Studies have found that the closing-ratio of self-generated leads is higher than that of third (3rd) party leads
• Your campaign gathers ALL the information you need about each customer – including those details not usually gathered but relevant for your particular product or service
• This campaign is in your hands – you can turn it on and off as needed; you can change it to suit seasonal or other variables

It’s time to renovate your virtual real estate so that it commands a more substantial place in the marketplace, working harder to generate those valuable sales leads which every company needs.

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