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Social Media Marketing: Join the Party

Wikipedia defines social-media marketing as “the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites”. There are lots of social-media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. At first glance, it may sound both dry (put up a Facebook page, so what) and confusing (which social-media sites are best for my business?).

The reality is far different.

Social-media marketing is a
• dynamic
• fun
• creative
way to get your product(s) and service(s) to the attention of consumers, and keep them there.


Today, the Internet is HOPPING! Consumers are in and out all the time. What are they doing? Perhaps Googling your company. Maybe reading consumer feedback about your product(s) or service(s). They could be getting coupons or discount codes which encourage them to buy. Some people look for written “how to” information related to a task or hobby, which then suggests to them your business is a place to get the tools and materials they need. Many like to watch videos on YouTube which explain or demonstrate techniques, and then suggest to them to visit your website.

All the above examples are uses of social-media marketing. Doesn’t sound too dry, does it?

However, it may still sound a bit confusing. In reality, there is an art to selecting the social-media platforms which best suit your company’s needs. That’s why many smart businesses invest in the advice of experts in the field. In addition to matching the most effective social-media sites to your company’s situation, experts will help you with such questions as:

1. How often should I post new content on the sites I use?
2. What kind of content is best to use?
3. Who should manage these sites?
4. How can I get my social-media followers to become customers?
5. Which methods can help me measure the success of my social-media marketing?

Reputable experts also help you avoid common pitfalls. These include building a poor social-media image, not providing what social-media users are looking for, and failing to keep an eye on the link between social-media expenditure and sales income.

When Forbes reports that the current number of online U.S. adults using social-media sites stands at 72% (an 800% increase – up from 8% in 2005), it’s easy to understand why social-media marketing is a powerful tool which your business needs. So, what are you doing about it? Why not get started now?

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